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Building Bridges to the Future is an initiative program funded by the Coleman Foundation to assist families and professionals in transitioning students with developmental disabilities to the world of adult services.
Who Do We Serve?
Building Bridges to the Future assists students with developmental disabilities and their families. Our agencies span the entire Chicagoland area.
Six non-profit social service organizations came together, combining their expertise in serving adults and children with developmental disabilities and other special needs to form this unique partnership.
This program has been formed to serve the needs of families and professionals using a collaborative approach between:



Our Building Bridges Staff understand how challenging it can be to exit the school system and learn to navigate the world of adult services.


Your Transition Outreach Specialist will:
  • Serve as your primary contact for the Building Bridges to the Future Program
  • Attend IEP staffing as part of each student's interdisciplinary team
  • Work with special education department staff to ensure the transition is part of the IEP
  • Develop and maintain linkages between families, special education staff, and adult service providers.
  • Provide an in-service training and coaching sessions for parents, guardians, and students
  • Advocate for and assist in the establishment of eligibility for community services.
Transition Outreach Specialists can also provide you and your family assistance with links to the following:
Entry into Developmental Disability System



Financial & Medical Benefits



Legal Resources



Program Funding



Training & Coaching





For more information about Building Bridges or High School Transition, please contact:

Rebecca Kinst
Transition Outreach Specialist
(708) 352-3580 x271

Download the Building Bridges to the Future Parent Manual